2008002, Krusty's

This small partycenter houses a video arcade and a bowling alley. It also serves as a diner.

I choose to incorperate multiple forms of Leisure, with the most emphasis put on the video arcade, this is something personal, because I like them since I was a kid. Arcade machines where always far superiour to home computers and game consoles. They always had better graphics and sound.

Arcade games are becoming a rarety today, you'd typically find them in any amusement park well into the 90's. Today home consoles exceed the capabilities of the current arcade machines, so they lost their cutting edge. Videogames are now big buisiness, the budgets far exceed those of blockbuster Hollywood productions.

Another key aspect of this design is that the human contact is central, wich encourages a relaxed lounching atmosphere.

A few specs:

    - This is the second model I made, and it's my first own design.

    - The name refers to Nintendo/Sega game based on a character from the Simpsons (Krusty the clown).

Krusty's superfunhouse

Interior 1

Interior 2

Bowling alley

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