2008004, The townhouse /

This design is based on the Radbouwkwartier of Hoog Catharijne, this design is a study of the structure and organization of this complex. I have my own interpretation on the form and I rationalized the design a bit.

It is a building with a complex program: a multi-layer underground carpark, a convention center, shops and apartments. In particular, the carpark appears not to function optimally, the garage is actually nearly the same as my model. The construction of this carpark seems to conflict with the rest of structure of the overall building, due to a differen column pattern, resulting in the need of a load transfer structure.

The garage has sloping floors, which span in one direction and are supported by beams. The rest of the building is supported by mushroom (waffle) slabs, with bays of approximately 10 x 10m. The parking garage was recently renovated and improved, especially security and convenience were found to be problematic.

I visited the place myself, and it was quite difficult to orientate, due to all these sloping floors. Also, the exit was not so easy to find. The carpark is clearly designed at a time when cars were smaller and not much attention was given to a user-friendly and socially safe design.

On the Internet there's a lot of info about Hoog Catharijne, and on the photos I noticed that in areas not accessible by the public exists a complete maze of service tunnels. It does have a rather creepy atmosphere, so much in fact that you could make a crime scene investigation episode. Part of this area was once open to shoppers, and there was also a daily market, which somewhat resembled the market under the parking deck of the Klanderij in Enschede.

About the latter, there are clear links, the structural system is almost the same and the same company (Bredero) has also built the hospital in Enschede. It seems that they have built the Klanderij as well, and that explains why I've encountered the same materialization and construction methods. I suspect that Bredero had a preference for it, because they often worked with industrial construction methodes.

A few specs:

    - The sloping floors suffered from concrete rot. These are repaired, they have milled away the top surface of the floors and even replaced the reinforcement.

    - Hoog Catharijne was built by Bredero, this was a large construction company, and they where one of the first real estate developers in the Netherlands, and one of the first industrial builders.

De Radboudtower

Parking garage 1

Parking garage 2

Parking garage 3





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