2008005, Family home No.1

I don't really have much to say about this design, other then it being just a generic family home. Although it's a bit larger than a terraced house, it's actually quite similair.

At first I hesitated to add an attic to it, but I thought that it would add something to the design, and not only extra space.

The idea behind this house is that it is very cost effective to build. Simply because it's so generic, it can be easily build in large series.

A few specs:

    - I deliberately used antiquated construction methodes.

    - Beside using timber joists, I've also used reinforced ceramic block floors.

    - The house has an extra room behind the garage, wich can be used as a hobby room.

Top view

Front view

Rear view 1

Rear view 2

Inside 1

Inside 2

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