2008006-A, 2008006-B,
Lea musichouse phase 1&2

The Leamusichouse is a specially designed school of music for percussion and pop music. The building is small in scope.

This design consists of a concert hall, a recording studio and a training room / classroom, along with the necessary office space. The reason for me do this design was that in Hengelo they where building a new concert hall for pop music, and in the original program requirements there was room for a collaboration with the Hengelo school of music for realization of practice rooms for percussion.

To my knowledge the plan stranded on cooperation (there are rehearsal rooms in the new Metropool concert hall), and because I have previously played drums myself, it gave me the inspiration to give an interpretation on this matter. Because of it's use for percussion, the building must comply with special acoustic requirements.

The choice of rough masonry and concrete is based on the sound-absorbing properties of brick (the porosity). The raw concrete offers a good reflection to diffuse the sound. This is to prevent that too much noise is being restrained, thus you get a good natural reverb without too many echoes.

In onder to prevent the noise going from one room to another, the walls have been executed as cavity walls or solid walls. Apart from having rehearsal spaces the building also has a few office spaces. The building can be easily adapted to other uses, such as a community center. I made two versions of the building, an A and a B version, where the B version is the final design. It is also the design shown on the images. The reason I made two buildings is that I wasn't satisfied with the A version, so I decided to start again and see the A version as a simplyfied version or as an annex.

A few specs:

    - The 1st floor / roof is a shallow reinforced concrete slab with extra reinforced area's (hidden beams), because the slab is supported only locally by columns. This is a technique that is sometimes applied as an alternative to the use of steel sections.

    - The building to my idea fits best in a place outside (to think of a forest plot), but would also fit well in the city provided that it is placed in a park-like setting.

    - The name of the building is named after a fellow female student of the past.

Bird's eye perspective

Rear facade 1

Rear facade 2

Interior office

Total view ground floor

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Recording studio

Mixing consoles lobby area

Lobby area

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