2009002, The factory

The factory is a further development of the Townhouse and Klanderij. The design emerged from a parking garage, wich I developed further. The building is multifunctional, next to the parking on the ground floor are units that can be used as shops as well as workspaces for artists and painters.

The units in the main building feature a basement. The lower building has a room suitable for several types of use. This room is can be used to facilitate a library or a community center.

The high rise is built with a layered structure, where's an open space between the two office floors, which are furnished as a roof garden. This should also be seen as a softening contrast in the design.

The lower open level is open public for access, in addition to the recreational function for the youth it could also function as something else, eg a market place. At this level there is a skating rink. Contrasts between open and closed are arranged so that there is some transparency in the overall facade. This gives the impression that the building looks like serveral floating masses.

Also in this design I choose for a reinforced concrete structure with mushroom type floor slabs. To avoid cold bridging issues one can think of the application of new concrete types as misapor and liapor. These types of concrete have a high insulating ability by using blown glass beads instead of gravel, the strength is comparable with lightweight concrete. Alternatively, the continuous floor slabs may also be made as sandwich structures (see some pictures in the slideshow).

There are two parking garages in this complex, the garage in the main building has a ramp design wich is similair to the Radboudveste, the garage in the right side of the building has a more conventional split level design. It is deliberately chosen to leave the garage open, so there is enough daylight and ventilation present.

Image 1

Front facade 1

Front facade 2

Top view

Intermidiate deck 1

Intermidiate deck 2

Intermidiate deck layer 2

Alley Parking garage

Interior shops

Interior shops - bird's eye view

Cross section of the structure

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