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Nowadays there is a lot of talk about the care of elderly and their accomodation, it seemed interesting to me to design a care home.

Formerly these care homes where quite large complexes, and many have been changed or replaced the past 15 years because they where either too large, and because the rooms were too small. It is increasingly becoming popular to build generarion homes, where the seniors live with their children and grandchildren.

Hoverever, these are not equally suitable for all seniors. This doesn't work when a senior becomes dependend on intensive nursery day care. However, there will always be a need for special nursing homes to provide for the very elderly who are in need of help. In recent years I have noticed that many old complexes (often around 30+ years old) are replaced by even larger complexes.

Somehow the large scale of these complexes seems to stem from the increasing number of functions these buildings need to facilitate. A modern well equipped care home shall have the lot: activity rooms, shops, a hairdresser, an atm, etc, etc. Also, the rooms/apartments are more spacious. I've begun to study on the different forms, I've tried to combine generation homes and a nursing home in a park-like environment.

I believe this resulted in an entirely too large complex, so I tried to seek if the final design could be more compact, bright and functional as possible, so in essence really back to basics. But with the spacious rooms/apartments that are required by todays standards. I have put two housing types types in the building, a small type for senile dementia, and a large multi-room type as service apartment for those who're still quite able to manage everyday things like household activities. The small type has a separate bedroom and a living / dining room. The larger type has two bedrooms and a spacious living room.

Furthermore, these two housing types are located in separate wings that are linked by corridors to the main building. All general and common spaces are located on the ground floor. Part of this general area has a suspended transparent roof, the structure of it is derived from bridge construction techniques. I have chosen for this solution because I wanted to make the space as free of columns as possible, because a strucure with beams would have destroyed the transparency of the space.

Predesign 1

Predesign 2

Predesign 3

Definitive design

Lobby area

Outside 1

Outside 2

Glass roof

Top view glass roof

Small appartment

Large appartment

Ground floor 1

Ground floor 2

Entrance / Ground floor

Reception area

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