2010002, Arkham

Arkham Asylum is a psychiatric nursing home, named after the dark asylum from the Batman movies. The difference is that this building does not look like a typical architectural bedlam as film makers make us believe.

The contrast with the current reality is great, films seem to view psychiatric institutions as a kind of 19th century torture chambers and are mostly known for electro-shock therapy. Today This is quite different, even though there are still straitjackets in use.

This building is small scale, located in a quiet, wooded area. The plan consists of a master volume, and three separate buildings. The main volume is varied in height, most of which consists of three layers containing the first and second floor, four rooms for a person, and four doubles for two persons. Also, both floors contain four kitchen units.

The ground floor continues into the second volume, which has two layers. This section contains general offices. The basement is only partially under the building, wich has technical areas, and an archive, and a bed storage / laundry room. Also, a part of it can be used for other purposes.

The second volume contains small offices, and the third three-storey volume contains a combination of large double rooms, offices / treatment rooms and two relaxation rooms.

This block is lifted, so there is room for parking below. The facades consist of masonry, u-glass panels alternating with the masonry, making a semi-transparent façade. In the raised block these panels cover the masonry.

The construction of the building consists of precast concrete columns, and beams. The floors are prefabricated waffle panels, the grid determines the location of the brick wall partitions and façade fillings. The columns have a rough, washed gravel structure, which completes with the masonry.

The architecture of the building is fairly plain, so that patients can not be restless. (It is just an "institution").

The concept has evolved from a completely modular hexagon grid, to a more conventional design with a clearer separation of functions.

A summary of the program:

    - A lush green envoirment.
    - A tenniscourt.
    - Two technical rooms, with electric           transformer.
    - About 12 units, of wich 8 for 2 persons,     with shower and toilet.
    - Two recreational rooms.
    - Offices.
    - A basement with an archive.

Overview 1

The entrance gate

Overview 2

Concept 1

Concept 2

Concept 3

Overview 3

Interior overview 1

Interior overview 2

Interior Room

Interior entry hallway 1

Interior entry hallway 2

Interior room 2


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