2010004A, Detached
house no.2

This first house from the series is my second detached house design. It is a complete family house, outfitted with an optional cellar.

The design sets itself apart by featuring a low roof at the back side, that is visible from within the livingroom. The bedrooms are situated on a kind of intermediate level at the front of the house, giving the house a void space. Situated above this void is a large skylight, wich gives the living room a more spacious feel.

Above the internal garage is a large bedroom, and above the other bedrooms is a small attic for storage purposes. The idea behind this was to create a house that was compact by it's volume, but large an practical by it's floor area. The void adds to spatial experience.

A large advantage from this compact design is how it affects the houses' energy efficiency in a positive way. This advantage is further enlarged by the pv panels located on the rearside of the roof, and the high grade level of thermal insulation of the buildings envlope. A more practical aspect of this house is the carport at the front with a dedicated space for storing trash containers out of view.

front view

right side view

rear side view

left side view

ground floor

first floor


top view




area overview

2010004B, Detached
house no.3

This design is totally different from the previous design. It may not be as efficient and compact, but it's rather more luxurious. However what both have in common is that they comprise out of one single volume with an internal garage. The low level of the gutter poses some limitations, wich made it nessasary to add two large dormers. I'd rather didn't add the one at the front, because I feel that it breaks the roof shape to much. Unfortunately this dormer was nessasry in order to get enough headroom and daylight, any absence of this would have been totally unacceptable.

The house has an extra room on the ground floor, wich is ideal as a study, play room or homeoffice. The internal garage is accessible from the hall, and is large enough for one of those pesky SUV's. The living comprises of two parts with a level difference, wich continues into the garden. The kitchen has a semi-open devider, so that some contact is possible with the living and the garden.

The garden has a conversation pit and a pond, the resultant level differences kind of create a yin yang unity with the house.

"Special features" of this design are:

    - Several conversation pits, one inside the house and one outdoors.
    - Loggia balcony at the left side of the house.
    - A fireplace.

frontview 1

frontview 2


left side view 1

left side view 2


top view




view on the garden

first floor hall

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