2012003, Semi-detached
houses with annex

This small project is a design for a semi-detached house with an annex. There is no specific concept behind this design, other then that I wanted to experiment with the form and the layout. The annex is more or less an addition to make the design a little more interresting.

The annex shares it's driveway and backyard with it's neighbour, this is because the plot is more or less shared as beeing one property. The idea behind this is that in villages on the countryside several generations of a familiy live on one yard, but in seperate dwellings. The annex is ideal for the grandparents, and the semi-detached neighbour for the younger part of the family.

The annex doesn't necessarily have to be a home for seniors, but would also be suitable for younger people (i.e. ages 18 to 30) or a bachelor aunt or uncle. It's designed to accomodate a one or two person household. It might also be a great home for disabled or special family members that require supervision from other familiy members.

The dwellings are partly built traditionally, but the front and rear facades are constructed as a prefabricated infill frame with windows and solid panels. All three dwellings are equipped with a fireplace and feature zinc roofing. The ground floor layout of the two family homes are a bit unconventional because the kitchen is rather large and serves as a central room, that connects the living with the hall.

Also, the two family homes have three bedrooms and a fairly standard bathroom on the first floor, and feature an attic with a roof terrace. The attic is devided into two rooms, one of wich can be used as an extra bedroom or study. Another feature of the semi-detached homes is the garage.

The annex has most of it's rooms situated on the ground floor, with the exception of the large bedroom on the attic. A special feature of this dwelling is the spacious livingroom. For more specific details, refer to the images in the link below.

side elevation annex

front elevation 1

front elevation 2

side elevation

rear elevation

ground floor annex

ground floor

first floor annex

first floor


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