DYKO designs - 2013003, Design
based on former Twentec building
in Enschede

This design is loosely based on the design of the former Twentec building complex in down town Enschede. This complex was built in the 1960's, and comprised of two office towers, two low-rise buildings that connect them, and the V&D department store. (V&D is a chain of department stores in the Netherlands). This building complex was partly demolished in 2002, only the department store and the east tower remained. Both buildings where heavily modernized and are significantly altered. The topmost floor of the department store was demolished to make room for a two-story addition wich consists of dwellings. The building was extended at the front and it was also altered internally.

My design resembles the original situation, but the façades are different. I gave it my own twist. Just like the original I incorporated a two-story underground car park, underneath the V&D department store.

The structure comprises of a cast in-situ concrete frame of mushroom floors with, columns that have conical heads. The real building had a structure just like it. The towers had columns with drop panels, but the department store had conical heads (very well visible in the underground carpark). De V&D department store had two Schindler elevators with relay control. Unfortunately these where demolished and the building got one new (but bigger) lift instead.

The office towers housed two organizations: the GAK and the ITC (International Institute for Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation). Both towers had three Schindler elevators. I don't know whether or not the V&D department store had any further freight elevators, but I suppose so. I've put them in my design. The loading docks at the back are also something I put there, whilst the original building didn't have them as such.

The façades of the towers where curtain walls with aluminium profiles, the V&D department store barely had any windows and the walls where clad with natural stonework (probably travertin).

I intentionally made the design resemble the original 1960's design as much as possible. That means that the façades are not thermally insulated and that the freight elevators have swing doors without any inner doors / gates inside the cab (that once was very normal in the Netherlands).


loading docks with freight elevators

car park entrance

towers - structure

floor plan tower 1

escalators department store

floor plan tower 2

floor plan low-rise

side elevation department store

floor plan department store

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