A look at some dutch
Club Nintendo magazines

In this video I'm browsing through my collection of Classic (dutch) Club Nintendo magazines. Some of them where bought at a news stand back in the day, and the real classic ones at my local gamestore.

What's special about them (especially the early ones) was that they where a form of advertising in a very clever way. The magazines from 1989-1992 issue 6 where produced in the UK and where localised (translated) for other countries. The editing of the magazines was quite tacky at the start, but got better along the way. Still, even the last issue is not without layout mistakes and goofy translation errors. The local Club Nintendo hotlines with their game advisors contributed content as well as the readers.

The middle pages (without page numbering) was country specific and featured interviews with the game advisors, puzzles and promotional content from tv shows such as the dutch saturday moring kids show Telekids (on a commercial TV channel). This was ofcourse a very clever form of marketing targeted towards childern.

After 1992, starting from early 1993 each country started going their own way with their magazine, in holland it became Club Nintendo news and the paid membership version Club Nintendo extra, wich was also anvailible at news stands. Contrary, the old magazine was a free subscription and could not be bought in the store. To become a member, you had to send-in a registration card that was included with most Nintendo products.

A very specific feature of the old magazines was that they where full-color and you can see that they used an early form of desktop publishing, since they whent crazily creative with fonts and artwork making it look a bit flashy for it's time, wich makes a very dated appearance if you look at it nowerdays. It literally has early 90's style all-over it. Because of this it's a great childhood memory for the most part. Back in the day you only had magazines and no internet so your sources of information where very limited.

Another thing I'd like to point out was the magazines where quite funny and a bit hilarious sometimes, and the game reviews where not very critical at all, because Club Nintendo wasn't indipendant but ownded by Nintendo unlike other magazines, so the magazine usually bragged about the superiority of their version when multiplatform games where concerned.

Spanish club nintendo SMB3 cover

Benelux Club nintendo registration card outside

Benelux Club nintendo registration card inside

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