DYKO dialogs for bennugd

DYKO dialogs is my special clone of Unix style shell script gui libraries Gdialog/Kdialog and Zenity. It is specially designed for use by programs written in bennu, mainly to add some basic gui functions to them. The main difference between the examples mentioned above is that dykodialogs uses text files for communicating and exchaning the data with the invokee (the bennu program). Gdialog, Kdialog, Zenity and others where designed for use is shell scripts on unix like operating systems, therefore they use commandline input and output.

Dykodialogs can also be used in shell/batch scripts, each dialog can be invoked from commandline arguments. Each dialog executable uses it's own file, wich is a plain ASCII textfile. Also, the dialog executables expect their input file to have a certain name. These input and output files are automatically generated by dykodialogs, so the user doesn't have to worry about that. Some dialogs return a filename as output, in that case your script has to read the contents from that file.

It is mainly designed as a more system independant replacement of Zenity , and orginally intended for the Castle of Dr. Malvado editor and it's tools, wich still uses Zenity to some extend. I wasn't satisfied with the Windows port of Zenity because it's lousy and erratic under Windows7 64 bit and Wine, the windows emulator. Also, It used scripts, wich exposes the invoking program to different enviornmental implementations. So, DYKO dialogs was made as the ultimate streamlined solution to this problem (also because there are no usefull gui toolkits for the Bennugd programming language in wich the Castle of Dr. Malvado was written).

Dykodialogs was mostly written in Freepascal/Lazarus, and partly in BennuGD. the part that was written in bennu can be used a include library for your bennugd programs.

Due to it beeing written in Freepascal/Lazarus, it is fairly portable to common desktop operatingsystems. Win32 and GNU/Linux on i386 are natively supported, but ports to FreBSD and MacOSX should be fairly trival. Bennugd is also anvailible on these systems, but only Win32 and GNU/Linux are officially supported. FreBSD, MacOSX and HaikuOS/BeOS are not officially supported, but ports do exist and are maintained to varies degree.

Here's a list of functions DYKO dialogs provides:

aboutdialog, calculatordialog, colordialog, datedialog (calendar), filedialog, fontdialog, inputdialog, listdialog, memodialog, messagedialog, nummericaldialog, printdialog, progressdialog,launch_defaultapp.

See the googlecode page for more specific details about this project, here you can also find examples.

Image 1 - aboutbox windows

Image 2 - checkbox linux

Image - colorselection windows

Image 4 - colorselection linux

Image 5 - messagebox windows

Image 6 - dateselection windows

Image 7 - fileselection linux

Image 8 - fileselection windows

Image 9 - stringgrid linux

Image 10 - nummericalinput windows

Image 11 - nummericalinput linux

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