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Welcome to the personal website of Pieter Kuperus/DYKO.

I'm from Hengelo Overijssel in Holland and this website is about several different interests of mine, retrogame collecting and reviewing, game programming and archictural building moddelling with Sketchup. I also like to photograph/document buildings and constructions. the sketchup designs that I make, are architectural design experiments based on buildings that I like or find interesting in some way.

I get to most of my inspiration from modernism and functionalism most notably the work of Le Courbesier, van den Broek en Bakema and several others. I am very fond of the structuralistic and brutalistic movements in architecture.

I tend to put quite a lot of emphasis on the structural aspects, this is partly due to my background as draftsmen. (I used to work at an engineering firm). Don't look to closely at the detailing, the designs should be considered drafts, as they are not intended to be build that way. They only reflect my thoughts just as a painter or other artist expresses his thoughts.

Some designs contain some thought experiments, usally I'd like to mess a bit with old methodes and revive them in some way. I am aware that some of these would not be allowed by most building codes. Don't worry about that, I do think about solutions for these problems but in the models it doesn't realy matter anyway since a detailed proper solution distracts from the design process.

This site started out as a way to showcase my Sketchup skills, but the focus shifted slowly towards game reviews and retro computer stuff. I've been game programming since the late 90's, started with Quickbasic and soon discovered "DIV gamesstudio" from Daniel Navarro, and still use this language today in it's current open-source, free software offspring "Bennu Game development" by the argentinian developer SplinterGU.

On my Youtube channel you can find mostly gamereviews and playlists with video's from other people that I find interessting, wich cover a wide range of subjects such as free energy, controversial geopolitical topics, electronics, music and much more.

This site is best viewed in Firefox version 3.5, but it should also render nicely in Safari 4 and Opera 10. If you use Internet explorer, then the layout may not look as intended, because it's a browser that lacks standards compliance. I use version 8 for testing, and I can't really recommend any older version. Just use Firefox and it'll look allright.

You may also use a text browser such as Lynx, I keep these users in mind. You can view the pictures with an external application, depending on how you've configured Lynx.

If you use Kde's Konqeuror or Google Chrome, then it should look allright too, since these browsers use the same engine as Safari.

I used web safe fonts, so that you don't have to install any extra fonts. One last thing though, you'll notice that this site is in two languages, I try to translate as much of the content as possible, but some things are only in dutch, or the translation is a shortend version.

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