The castle of DR. Malvado

The castle of DR. Malvado orginally was a short 3-level tutorial game that came with the dos game developing suite "DIV gamesstudio", released in the late 90's.

The Main protagonist of the game is Jack, a little boy that's kinda angry about the evil DR. Malvado. Jack must try to reach him, but that's far from easy! During his way, Jack travels through fantastic landscapes and castle's, and overcome must the many dangers that await him.

The game consists of 18 stages (version 1.7), in wich Jack must avoid enemy's and deadly obstacles. In the first part, Jack must travel through the forrest and reach the son of DR. Malvado, who can't wait to stop Jack. During the stages Jack is confronted with all sorts of evil characters, such as bee's, ghosts, bears, bewitched pumpkins, spitting heads and spiders.

Eventually Jack must fight DR. malvado and try to find out a way of beating him. The game starts with two lives, but Jack can gain extra lifes by collecting 10 coins who are scattered throughout the game.

This improved version of Malvado contains more levels (wich you can modify if you like), and several other nice features like a menu system, hiscore table, passwords and a demo presentation to make the game more polished. Also, it serves as a demonstration what BENNU is capable of.

I made this improved version also as an advanced tutorial game, to show you how to make a game with complex data structures, data files and how that serves as a framework for an editable game.

The source code is fully documented and flooded with comments explaining what certain bits of code do.

If you're interested you can have a look at the code, and maybe even make your own levels with the editor.

Image 1 - titlescreen

Image 2 - mainmenu

Image 3 - level 1

Image 4 - dr. malvado's son

Image 5 - level 7

Afbeeling 6 - ouch!

Afbeeling 7 - level editor

Afbeeling 8 - level editor

Afbeeling 9 - debugger

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