A look at Metal gear and
Snake's revenge for the NES

This video is short playthrough of Metal gear and Snake's revenge for the NES. It's not a complete playthrough I'll only show some features of both games and tell a few things about them.

Metal gear was originally an MSX2 game by Hideo Kojima, and because of it's success in japan, was ported to the NES/Famicom. The Famicom team at Konami only had 3 months do create this port and they where ordered by Konami managment to make some changes to it. Kojima was not involved with the NES/Famicom version and he's not very content with it. Still, it's a pretty good and deep game for the NES eventhough it lost some Koijma's design intend.

Snake's revenge is a non canonical sequel to Metal gear, it's technically the first sequel. A developer of this game met Kojima during a train ride and said that they where working on a metal gear sequel and said that it wasn't truely snake style, so he asked Kojima to make a proper sequel for the MSX2, wich became Metal gear 2: Solid snake. If wasn't for Snake's revenge, Metal Gear Solid on the playstation and all of it's sequels might have not even existed because Kojima didn't feel like making a sequel for Metal gear.

The european PAL version of Metal gear has different passwords then the US NTSC version, because most password's you'll find on the internet are for the US version, I created a conversion chart (see the links below).

Metal gear nes front

Snake's revenge nes front

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