A look at Mission:
Impossible for the NES

In this video I'm taking a look at Mission: Impossible on the NES by PALCOM software/ULTRA games. The game was developed by Konami and is closely based on the 1988 "New Mission: Impossible" series. The story of the game is somewhat inspired by the old movie "War games", in that it is based on a military computer defense system that can launch nuclear missiles and start a world war 3. Just like in the movie you've got to play a game of tic-tac-toe against the computer to bring it to a halt.

The difference though with the movie, is that in this case, the computer system was stolen by a group of thugs known as the sinister seven. They've also kidnapped Dr. O, whose the inventor of the system as well as one of your IMF team members, Shannon. In the game you control three indiviual characters from the series, each with their own special talents that you have to use in the game.

The team members are:

- Max Harte, The guy with protective gear, uses a machine gun and remote control bombs.

- Grant Collier, The electronics wizzard, uses his fist and sleeping gas bombs. His special ability is that he can open doors that the other two can't.

- Nicolas Black, an actor from aussie, uses boomerangs and is a master in disguise. He can sneak into hideouts using his facial disguises.

It is absolutely vital that you keep all your team members alive, since you have to use their abilities to proceed in the game. The game has some elements of Metal Gear in it, so if you're familiar with that game you will probably like this one too.



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