Danmark 2010/Copenhague/Birkerod

Vacation at my nice in Birkerod, Copenhagen area, Danmark. Birkerod is a city noth-east of Copenhagen, about 20 km north of it. In this album you'll find photo's of Copenhagen, Hundested, Horsholm, Hornbaek plantage, the Birkerod watertower and the Rude Skov forrest.

On the photo a drummer located on Copenhagen's cityhall-square, it was about 30 degrees that day! I guess he wanted to get sunburn.


Danmark 2011/Hornbaek

At my previous visit to Danmark I also visited Hornbaek, wich appeared to be a charming place for my next vacation. In this photo album you'll come across some pictures of Helsingor and Helsingborg that's located on the other side of the sund in Sweden.

On the image an impression of the Sankt Hansaften, a danish midsummer party on the beach of Hornbaek.


Ruines en overbijfselen van fliegerhorst twente (dutch only)

(The folling page is only in dutch.) It is a tour of the local forrests / country estates and the bunkers of fliegerhorst twente. Here I'll go look for bunkers and traces of the past of the twente airforcebase and it's surroundings.

fliegerhorst twente

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