A look at Spacegun

This is a video review about an arcade conversion of the Taito rail shooter game "Spacegun" for the Commodore 64 and SEGA Master System. The game takes place on an troubled spaceship, wich is taken over by aliens. The monsters attack the crew and you have to rescue the hostages. The game is a mix of operation wolf gameplay with the theme of the Alien movies. A very good concept in my opinion, as it makes an enjoyable game.

The game was released in 1992, and the Amiga and Master System versions support a lightgun, wich is definitely the way to play this game. The game has the SCI-FI atmosphere of the Alien movies and this concept is used consistantly thoughout the game. The daunting music (on the C64 version) enhance this experience.

My verdict of the game: It's pretty good and definitely worth a look, but if I have to compain on something, then it has to be the music on the SEGA Master System version. Considering the system's limited soundchip, they've could still have done a better job at this, especially because the C64 version is so much better in that respect. (But the SEGA Master System version is visually nicer, and the graphics are top notch for that system).



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