A look at Spooky castle

This is a video review about a game called "Spooky Castle" for the Commodore 64. The game was given to me by Mark Van Dijk, wich was a classmate at elementary school. Besides the C64 version I show the Amstrad and Atari versions as well. The Spectrum version is omitted from the video due to technical difficulties with capturing footage from the ZX-Spectrum emulator.

The game itself was written by Brian Ison and Roy york, who I guess where bedroom coders like so many in Britain in the 80's, but lacked the talent that the Oliver Twins, the Pickford brothers, The Shaw brothers and those guys from Codemasters had.

The programmers published two other games at Atlantis, who aren't so good either. Atlantis was a budget release label that didn't really care about the quality of the games they put out.



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