Suzo Joysticks - leafswitch to
microswitch modification

I've always thought it was possible to convert the suzo arcade joysticks that where fitted with a leafswitch firebutton to a microswitch firebutton from the fact that the circuitboard (revision 22-2602) has extra mountingholes and traces on them to support that. Well, someone conctacted me recently (as of may of 2015) who has performed this modification.

The modification was performed by Stefan M. who has a classic computer / technology website, and said me that this was a bit tricky at first, beacause the long lever microswitches are a bit hard to come by, but that after a bit of tinkering he managed to pull it off with great success.

He said that he bending the shape was the hardest part (required some experimentation) and that there are three kinds anvailible in terms of weight, i.e. light, medium and heavy spring types. The heavy type switches seem to be rare in the market.

anyway, in the pane on the right you can see the photo's of his handy work or click on the link(s) below.

image 1

image 2

image 3

image 4

image 5

image 6

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image 8

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